Vastrm - vas' trum (Sanskrit) - def. cloth.
We started Vastrm to solve a basic problem: shirts that don't fit well. Let's face it, most off the rack purchases just don't fit right. Mass produced shirts were meant to accommodate a wide variety of body types with one standard size. And different brands have different standards for sizing. That is why so many men end up shopping in 4 - 5 different stores before finding a shirt that actually fits!
Custom Polos Designed To Fit Your Body Type
We designed a system that will give you the ability to make custom fit adjustments to all of our apparel. With Vastrm, you will finally be able to define the perfect fit for your unique body type, whether you are extremely athletic (we can help design an athletic fit polo to accentuate those muscles), are looking for an extreme slim fit, have a couple of pounds to lose, are looking for big and tall polo shirts or just want something that doesn't feel like a bag!
Unique Polo Designs and Colors
Furthermore, once you have identified your ideal fit, you have the choice to purchase one of our curated designs OR style yourself with your own design. That's right, your design. Via a simple visual configurator, we allow you to create your own polo shirts by selecting various trims for fabric, collar, cuff, pocket, side vents, and placket types. We aim to give people more choice in what they want to wear. We are here to put the "custom" back in customer and fun and ease into online shopping!
Save That Perfect Design For Next Time
"Vastrm will store your FitID as part of your profile, so that when you return to shop for different fabrics, colors and styles, you will always get that familiar fit you know and love.
Where We Design and Make Your New Polo Shirt
Vastrm's custom polo shirts are all designed locally in San Francisco and fabricated in the same factories that produce clothing for the likes of Burberry, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus and many other luxury brands.
Fit - Function - Fashion
For work, play or life in general, our garments can be worn and enjoyed at all times. We believe that with a combination of fit (slim, sport or relaxed), function (golf tee or iPhone pockets, vCool moisture management) and fashion (body fabrics, placket accents, button type) you will have a remarkable set of options to choose from to make your perfect shirt.